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Bristol Myers Squibb employees from 30 nations will cycle and celebrate 11 years of C2C4C

June 11, 2024     

Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein wrote, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Starting in September, nearly 350 Bristol Myers Squibb employees across functions and representing 30 nations will keep their balance, move and ride their bicycles a collective 6,200 miles. The 11th annual C2C4C ride will span Europe, the United States, Japan and Latin America with a goal of advancing cancer research. Click here to see the evolution of C2C4C.


  • Country 2 Country 4 Cancer: Europe – September 6-23
  • Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer: United States – September 6-October 2
  • Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer: Japan – October 1-15
  • Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer: Latin America – December 1-12 

The C2C4C tradition began in 2014 when Edwin (Bubba) Klugh, a Bristol Myers Squibb employee from Little Rock, Arkansas, envisioned a charity event for his fellow employees in which they could volunteer and cycle an extraordinarily long distance to honor their loved ones in the most constructive way possible: to raise funds for cutting-edge cancer research. Klugh worked with his colleagues to turn his vision into reality. In 2014, he and 52 Oncology employees kicked off the first Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer riding nearly 3,000 miles across the United States. Compelled by the same vision, the C2C4C rides expanded to Europe in 2016 (Country 2 Country 4 Cancer), Japan in 2021 (Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer) and Latin America (Continent 2 Continent 4 Cancer) in 2022.

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More than $16 million has been donated to cancer-focused nonprofits around the world to advance cancer research including the Union for International Cancer Control and its affiliates in Europe and Latin America, the V Foundation for Cancer Research in the U.S. and CancerNet Japan.

To prepare for the ride, employees will train for five months to prepare to cycle approximately 225 miles over three days and volunteer their time to fundraise.

“Bristol  Myers Squibb’s commitment to C2C4C is deeply rooted in our patient-centric culture and goes well beyond day-to-day job responsibilities. Everyone riding has their own stories and their own strengths, and it’s inspiring to bring those together and lift each other up in pursuit of a higher goal,” said Christopher Boerner, PhD, board chair and CEO, Bristol Myers Squibb. “It’s a very powerful experience that represents perseverance – for the riders achieving goals they didn’t think they could, and for patients fighting and trying to beat cancer every day.”

Among the employees participating in 2024 are cancer survivors as well as those riding in honor of friends and family who have lost their lives from cancer or are currently battling the disease. 

"This will be a very special C2C4C ride for me as I am riding in memory of my friend, Alina, who lost his battle with lung cancer on the first day of the 2023 C2C4C ride," said Adrian Silviu Olarescu, key account manager, Romania, Bristol Myers Squibb. “I am also cycling in honor of my colleague and friend, Andrei, who passed away suddenly this year. We ride together in C2C4C as colleagues, not only for our health, but to make real change in the lives of patients and their families who need help and support."

“I am riding in honor of those who have died from cancer, but also in celebration of those who have conquered its challenges. Their stories serve as beacons of hope guiding us towards a future where cancer’s defeat is universal,” said Jill McKenzie, senior therapeutic area specialist, Michigan, Bristol Myers Squibb. “Specifically, I'm riding in memory of my best friends Bonnie and Molly taken from us far too young and for my dad who battled with glioblastoma. I ride for them and all others fighting, knowing that together with science, love and support, we will prevail.”

To learn how you can support the 2024 C2C4C riders and their mission to advance cancer research, please visit the C2C4C cancer-focused nonprofits around the world. 

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