Bristol Myers Squibb and Flatiron Health expand collaboration with a three-year agreement

Strengthens Real-World Data Capabilities in Oncology Research at Bristol Myers Squibb

May 02, 2018     

Bristol Myers Squibb and Flatiron Health, a market leader in oncology-specific electronic health record software and the curation of real-world data for cancer research and real-world evidence (RWE) generation, expanded their relationship by announcing a three-year collaboration agreement.

Bristol Myers Squibb will use Flatiron’s real-world data to accelerate its research and development efforts, as well as improve its ability to generate additional evidence on the use of its cancer medicines outside of clinical trials. With the expanded collaboration, the two companies intend to form a joint Scientific Advisory Board.

Bristol Myers Squibb will use Flatiron data to generate RWE across a substantial range of tumors and will collaborate, along with other stakeholders, on the development and validation of real-world endpoints within Flatiron’s longitudinal datasets. Additionally, the collaboration includes broadened access to Flatiron and Foundation Medicine’s jointly established Clinico-Genomic Database.

To learn more about our press release with Flatiron Health, view the press release here.


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