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How one special week continues to shape all 52

Our CEO shares why Global Patient Week has become a hallmark of Bristol Myers Squibb’s culture and what showing up for patients is all about.

September 20, 2021     
By Giovanni Caforio, Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb

One of the most fulfilling parts of my role as CEO is meeting the patients we serve and hearing first-hand how our therapies have helped to improve their health and enhance their quality of life.

Our patients sharing stories about the special moments they were able to experience - both big and small - thanks to our transformational medicines. For some, it’s attending their son or daughter’s wedding or meeting their first grandchild after battling cancer. For others, it’s being able to walk on the beach to watch the sunrise with their partner after surviving cardiovascular disease, or going out to dinner with friends while managing an autoimmune disease.

 Giovanni Caforio, Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb

Giovanni Caforio, Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb

These heartfelt stories are equally inspiring and humbling, and are a keystone of our company culture, especially during our annual Global Patient Week celebrated each September.

Inspiring because these stories motivate each of us to work harder, reinforcing that what we do has the power to transform lives through science. Humbling because for all the patients we have the privilege of supporting and serving, there are still so many more who are waiting, whose medical needs have not yet been met.

Patients including Winter, Regina, Ryan and Nicole are among those who come to mind.

Because there is more to do

As we gear up to hold our seventh annual Global Patient Week next week, I am looking forward to hearing from patients and understanding how we can better serve them through our innovation and advocacy. While our commitment to serving our patients is unwavering, our work continues to evolve to ensure we can continue to have an impact on our patients, their families, and the communities we serve for years to come.   

Because we know that our vision is realized only when our medicines can be accessed by all patients, we remain particularly focused on the patients who are on the margins of healthcare and access because of inequality across healthcare systems, the communities in which they live or because of race, ethnicity or gender.

Though there is always so much to celebrate during Global Patient Week, the week also reminds us that there is more to do. So, what does it mean to show up for patients as we observe our seventh annual Global Patient Week?

Many companies will often say they are patient focused. I am very proud knowing that at BMS, we don’t just say it.
Giovanni Caforio, Chief Executive Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb

Living our mission every day

Here are just a few of the important initiatives we have prioritized over the past year to ensure we continue to offer help and hope to even more patients and communities around the world.

  1. Launching the Patient Advocacy Exchange to help patient advocates connect and support the patient populations they serve through education, discussion, and collaboration.

  2. Working to drive health equity and eliminate health disparities through our BMS Commitments to Global Diversity and Inclusion.

  3. Ensuring our pipeline and product renewal by investing in external innovation through partnerships and collaborations as part of our long-term strategy.

For me, Global Patient Week truly exemplifies our culture and what it means to serve patients. Many companies will often say they are patient focused. I am very proud knowing that at BMS, we don’t just say it. We show our commitment to patients 52 weeks out of the year. And that’s something to celebrate.

Learn more about how we are working together for patients here

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