2020 Global Virtual Cancer Conference

Health Equity Takes Center Stage at the 2020 Global Virtual Cancer Conference

November 09, 2020

Global Advocacy invites all BMS employees to register for the 2020 Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC), taking place on Friday, Nov. 13 and Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020.

Last year, Bristol Myers Squibb joined with GRYT Health as the Founding Partner to launch the inaugural GVCC to unite patients, advocates, innovators, experts and healthcare change makers in a fully virtual conference accessible by anyone, anywhere. The free virtual event offers two days of education, connection and empowerment for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.

“GVCC20 brings real value for patients, survivors and caregivers in the oncology ecosystem and we are proud to support the program as part of our continued commitment to patients worldwide,” said Cathy Trzaskawka, executive director and head, global advocacy at Bristol Myers Squibb, in a press release from GRYT Health. “We have been looking forward to GVCC20 since the success of the program last year because it provides a platform to connect with patients as people and share resources in real-time, interactive ways.”

Learn more about the conference, this year’s program, and register here. Conference highlights include:

  • Opening remarks by Davide Piras, senior vice president, Worldwide Oncology, discussing how, through a commitment to transforming lives and improving the world we live in, Bristol Myers Squibb is accelerating and expanding health equity and diversity and inclusion efforts on a global scale
  • An inspirational keynote session with former Buffalo Bill’s quarterback and oral cancer survivor, Jim Kelly, about his personal perseverance, journey through cancer and how he is using his voice to make a difference
  • A live musical performance and Q&A session with Benjamin Scheuer, songwriter, author and playwright of "The Lion", which chronicles his experience with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a young adult
  • Access to resources from patient advocacy groups in our Virtual Exhibit Hall and through interactive sessions on Bristol Myers Squibb’s Study ConnectPEER and the COVID Advocacy Exchange Programs
  • Educational sessions on cutting-edge research and the latest in cancer treatments, including CAR-T, immunotherapy and targeted treatments
  • Interactive discussions on the importance of self-advocacy and the difference patient voice can make in the industry, including a focus on participation in patient experience research and a real-time survivorship plan workshop
  • Relevant conversations about health equity and how to make meaningful change in our healthcare systems
  • A live, interactive Clinical Trial Fair on Friday, Nov. 13, connecting patients with treatment options and meaningful research opportunities
  • Ample time for connections with fellow attendees, virtual networking and fun – including dance lessons, fitness classes and writing exercises