Joining the 'Most Innovative Square Mile'

Bristol Myers Squibb Opens Newest Labs in Kendall Square R&D hub

November 26, 2018     

Sitting in the heart of Cambridge’s vibrant innovation ecosystem, Bristol Myers Squibb’s new Kendall Square research facility is home to a fully integrated drug discovery and translational medicine organization.

Cambridge, MA - Bristol Myers Squibb's New lab

Bristol Myers Squibb’s new Kendall Square research in Cambridge, MA

Since leading the development of the first immuno-oncology treatments, our scientists continue to ask – “why don’t some cancers respond to immuno-oncology therapy?” In Kendall Square, often called the “Most Innovative Square Mile,’ answering that question will be a central focus.

The state-of-the-art laboratories, the team of leading researchers and the close proximity to academic and industry partners, positions BMS to deliver on a vision of transforming outcomes for patients. 

The teams there will head the most nascent stages of drug discovery, through molecular discovery technologies and discovery platform chemistry.

These efforts are laying the foundation for investigational molecules that may one day have a therapeutic impact on our disease areas of focus.

Our scientists have access to the latest tools, equipment and resources of a large pharmaceutical company, within the progressive environment of a biotech company, providing the flexibility and freedom to follow emerging areas of research. The dynamic Cambridge landscape will only add to our ability to push the boundaries of medicine and disrupt the standards of care in areas of high, unmet need. 

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