Greg Meyers, Chief Digital & Technology Officer


Meet Greg Meyers

January 24, 2022     

Greg Meyers leads Bristol Myers Squibb’s Information Technology organization, positioning the company for success in the rapidly evolving digital age. His priority is to accelerate our ability to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients around the world by unlocking the full potential of digital innovation, computer and data science.

Greg has deep experience leading digital transformations and managing complex cybersecurity threats in diverse geopolitical environments and is recognized as a thought leader and futurist in several industries.

Here, Greg shares his thoughts on joining the company as a new wave of digital innovation promises to transform the life sciences industry from its core. He also shares what he enjoys most about his profession, explains why now it is a great time to join BMS, and describes the future of the industry from his perspective.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your family.

I was born and raised in South Jersey and went to Rutgers University for undergrad and Temple University for graduate school, but I haven’t lived in the Delaware Valley for almost 20 years, so I am thrilled to be back in the area. I love sports and, of course, I am an Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers’ fan. My wife, Kelly, and I met when we worked at Novartis 13 years ago. Back then, she was the brand manager of a product that came from Bristol Myers Squibb when it divested its consumer business. I’ve lived in New York, Arkansas, Boston, Chicago and have spent the past three and a half years with my wife and three children, Alice (11), Maddie (8) and Sarah (7), in Switzerland near the border of France and Germany. I love to ski, play tennis, strength train and code as a hobby. My wife was a nationally ranked tennis player and I have never beaten her in a match.

Q: What books and blogs are you currently reading?

I have been out of the life sciences industry for a number of years so lately I have been reading books on molecular biology, bioinformatics and biophysics to update my knowledge in those areas. In general, I am mainly consuming media through podcasts, in particular, programs focused on investing, health and nutrition. My favorites these days are “The Huberman Lab,” Lex Fridman, “Exponential View” and “Machine Learning Street Talk.”

Q: What brought you back to the healthcare industry and why now? 

I have always been inspired by the purpose of the healthcare industry, but now it’s a particularly exciting time to be working for patients. 

Over the last decade, we have seen unprecedented breakthroughs in many therapeutic areas, in particular in oncology, where more people are living longer with the disease than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that when we work together, the industry can overcome the most complex challenges. But the outcomes of this worldwide collaboration would have not been possible without digital technologies. That’s why I decided to come back now.

I believe digital innovation, enabled by data and information technologies, have never been more relevant to the industry than now, and I am proud to see how these capabilities are embedded in so much of what our company does.

Bristol Myers Squibb’s pipeline is robust and our commitment to improving the lives of patients around the world is stronger than ever. I am honored to lead a team of professionals who are leveraging digital innovation, computer and data science to help advance this portfolio and deliver innovative medicines to patients faster.

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"I believe digital innovation, enabled by data and information technologies, have never been more relevant to the industry than now, and I am proud to see how these capabilities are embedded in so much of what our company does."

Q: How are technology partners helping Bristol Myers Squibb deliver its mission?

At Bristol Myers Squibb, we believe in the power of science, enabled by data and digital capabilities, to address some of the most challenging diseases of our time. To achieve this, we are always looking to partner with the external ecosystem of digital innovators to help us access key technologies, relationships, subject matter experts and skillsets to complement our internal capabilities and accelerate our mission.

For example, we have established partnerships and made investments in companies that power a data-driven approach to transform the way medicines are discovered and developed. We are also working with other innovative companies to harness their advanced technological capability to expedite clinical trial cycle times and gradually build towards in-silico trials. In our translational science area, we are collaborating with service providers on AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. And in commercialization, we have established partnerships to develop digital therapeutic solutions that will support patients and potentially allow for self-administration of therapy, effectively improving the overall patient experience.

Our goal is to increasingly leverage digital innovations across all aspects of our business, and we can only achieve that by partnering with those who are at the forefront of digital innovation.

Q: Where do you see the industry heading in the next three to five years?

Digital innovation, computer and data science are the disciplines that will create breakthroughs in our understanding of biology and transform the way the life sciences industry operates at a fundamental level. The state of artificial intelligence and machine learning in life sciences is similar to where we were with personal computers in the 1980s - we are just getting started and there is so much ahead to discover! Technology and digital capabilities will also catalyze our ways of working - from how we develop medicines, to how we improve patient experience to how we run our core business operations. I am excited and ready to harness all of the possibilities that lay ahead.

Q: Looking ahead, what most energizes you about taking on your role with Bristol Myers Squibb?

Nothing is more energizing than being a part of a team that works every day to transform the lives of patients through science. There are countless patients around the world in need of better treatments. This year alone, 20 million people will have their lives turned upside down by cancer. There is still so much we don't understand about the intricate biochemical processes that can cause, arrest, or reverse many diseases. I’m honored and proud to be part of the charge to unlock the full potential of digital innovation, computer and data science to design and deliver novel therapies to patients with unmet needs.

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