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This is the story of six people from around the world who have little in common except their desire to bravely face disease and boldly continue living.


Watch the film and be inspired.


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Meet our patients


Get a glimpse of the LIVING patients and their inspiring stories.



Severyne lives with a chronic cancer. While she knows her cancer may return, she chooses hope over fear. She looks to the positive side of her journey —meeting new people and cherishing the sweet moments in her life.



Evris grew up with an autoimmune disease, which began as psoriasis and developed into psoriatic arthritis. These conditions created insecurities for Evris, as he struggled to accept who he was. Now, Evris finds solace in his husband, Henrik, as they share the common bond of being patients.



Tabitha suffered a pulmonary embolism and feared for her life. Shockingly, her mother shares a similar story. With the support and encouragement from her family and the determination to keep fighting, Tabitha lives life to the fullest – taking time to experience all the things that bring her true happiness.

Mary Jean


Mary Jean lives with a type of hereditary heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), that often keeps her from doing the things she loves. Despite her condition, she is determined to live a normal life and take in all the richness life has to offer.



Lorena lives with lung cancer and was told she only had six months to live. Determined to fight, Lorena tries to live a life filled with joy and gratitude for everything around her.



Ma was 67 years old when she was diagnosed with gastric cancer. It was recommended that Ma forego expensive treatment options, due to the incurable nature of her illness.