Revolutionizing healthcare through data science and predictive technology

Accelerating paths of promise: Data and predictive technology at Bristol Myers Squibb

Our predictive science and digital capabilities are integral to our relentless pursuit of providing patients with the best outcomes possible.


But innovation is not simply generated by a machine – we embed humanity into every component of our work. Our technology is people-driven and patient-focused.


Science at speed and scale

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A "3D" approach helps build programs that are faster, more targeted and barrier-breaking by combining data, design and digital technologies across R&D.

Predictive models are being established that learn from billions of potential protein therapy options and rapidly design and optimize novel biologics tailored to disease targets.


Mechanistic models that are being leveraged for molecular design are continually increasing the potential applications of our therapeutic modalities.

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We have captured the power of AI to improve clinical trials by…



Utilizing the RWD and digital twin approach to simulate data from patient populations.


Building a high-powered computing environment where we can conduct virtual clinical trials through computer simulations.


Using robotics to automate processes, from protocol design to regulatory reporting.

Connection unlocks new solutions

Collaboration and partnering are part of our DNA.


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We leverage internal collaborations and partnerships with institutions dedicated to changing lives and expanding treatment options.

Internal Teams


Leverage individual talents, capabilities and expertise, bridging the gaps between discovery, development and commercialization.


External Partners


Collaborate and partner with a variety of companies to strengthen our early pipeline research, optimize the clinical trial experience, and contribute to data initiatives that may accelerate future innovations.


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The power of empowerment

Bristol Myers Squibb puts patients at the center of all data science and predictive technology efforts.


Translational medicine is making precision medicine a reality. Our “bedside to bench to bedside” approach allows us to better predict how patients may respond to specific treatments and yields insights that can drive further discovery. 


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In our efforts to provide the best outcomes for our patients, we are working to make clinical trials more accessible, and to ensure that the ecosystem around our trials is reflective of the diverse populations we serve.


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We are committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI and maintain core guiding principles in its use.