Melissa Harris, B.Sc, PharmD

Melissa Harris, B.Sc, PharmD.

Development Team lead for Fibrosis

Cardiovascular, Fibrosis & Immunoscience


Melissa Harris is the Development Team lead for Fibrosis, accountable for heading up the creation of strategy for liver and lung fibrosis programs.  Prior to this, she served as head of Medical for early stage assets in cardiovascular, fibrosis, and immunoscience. In that role, Melissa built and led a high-performing team of medical specialists who played a pivotal role in ensuring that expert insights from academia, consortia, and our clinical collaboration partners were incorporated into our understanding of early stage assets and development planning. Melissa is recognized as a strong leader and collaborator across the Discovery, Development, and Commercial teams. Melissa obtained her Bachelors of Science and PharmD degree from Rutgers University College of Pharmacy in New Jersey.


Interests and Expertise

Melissa began her career as a hospital pharmacist. She joined Bristol Myers Squibb as a Medical Affairs specialist where she assumed increasing leadership responsibility delivering strategic direction to launches in HIV, hepatitis and immunoscience. As U.S. medical lead she helped to launch Baraclude and later, as a Worldwide Medical Lead, she was accountable for the global launch of the Hepatitis C franchise, including Daklinza and Sunvepra.  In addition, she has led the non-registrational data generation capability, spanning the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular, immunoscience, transplant and virology, delivering on data generation strategy through support of investigator-sponsored research, health economics and outcomes research and company-sponsored Phase 3b and Phase 4 programs.

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