Florencia Davel, General Manager, Latin America (LATAM)

Florencia Davel

Career journey at Bristol Myers Squibb


Uniquely designed education and skills development programs for women and underrepresented ethnic groups (UEG) have been a core investment for 15 years, resulting in increased promotion, lateral movement and retention for participants. 

Florencia Davel began her Bristol Myers Squibb career in 2000 as a Product Manager and is currently the General Manager, Latin America (LATAM).

Q: How has continually improving yourself impacted your career at Bristol Myers Squibb?

Florencia: Having a growth mindset and a proactive attitude have always been important pillars in my career. As a leader in the LATAM region, I am mindful of my own development while focusing on my team’s development as well, and encouraging managers across the markets to set this as a top priority. I’ve also been active in building a strong professional network and asking for a seat at the table. Last year I was appointed the first woman co-chair of the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry, a trade association in Latin America and the Caribbean, and this year I will assume the role as Chair. 

Q: How did you get involved in leadership development programming at Bristol Myers Squibb and what was that experience like for you? 

Florencia: Last year, I was invited by my manager to become part of the Talent Accelerator program to support me in my continuous development journey. The program helped me to focus on my career development, dedicate more quality time to it and be more prepared for the next professional opportunity. Through the program I learned useful tools not only to assess my own performance, but to ask for feedback from others. Thanks to a collaborative approach with my coach and manager, I’ve been able to identify my key strengths and areas for improvement and have prepared a strategic development plan. Moving forward, I’ll use it as a baseline for my career path at Bristol Myers Squibb. 

Q: What new skills do you have now or what skills have been improved because of your participation in the accelerated leadership program? 

Florencia: I’ve upgraded my skills by focusing more on active listening and giving others more opportunity to share their ideas. I’ve also been putting effort into being a more inclusive leader, ensuring that every voice is heard. During these times when we work remotely, those aspects are key to ensure that I leverage innovation and accelerate the decision-making process. In addition, I have significantly expanded my network, getting access to key stakeholders who have opened doors for me. Finally, it has given me more confidence to pursue positions out of my comfort zone, and to speak up when sharing my expectations around career development.  

Q: What advice would you give to people about growing their career at Bristol Myers Squibb?

Florencia: I would strongly recommend that people dedicate time and effort to building a strategic development plan for themselves and then share that plan with their manager, peers and external colleagues. Following that, it’s crucial to be open to direct and continuous feedback. Have courageous career conversations and have them often. Women and other underrepresented groups have the key to open doors for themselves and others and the power to break through the glass ceiling. I say, “Go for it, be resilient, authentic and always show an exponential leadership approach.”


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