Digital health at Bristol Myers Squibb 

We are driving future healthcare using technology and pharmacology innovations that intertwine for enhanced patient outcomes.

What is digital health?

Digital health includes all the ways health services and information are delivered or enhanced through technology. This includes telemedicine, wearable devices, health information technology, mobile health apps and artificial intelligence.  In pharmacology, digital health plays a pivotal role in drug discovery, development, clinical trials, personalized medicine, medication adherence and patient monitoring. Guided by our mission, we are embarking on a journey to identify and address the distinctive needs of our patients, providing unwavering support at every step. 

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Digital health harnesses the power of technology to improve patient care. It enhances early diagnosis, optimized treatment and ongoing monitoring, ensuring the best possible outcomes for every patient.  

Areas of interest


Diagnose health conditions earlier and more accurately​, namely myocardiopathies, anemia, cancer and lung fibrosis. 


Develop and deploy “digital adjuvants” to improve therapeutic efficacy or enhance patient experience, particularly in oncology and immunology.​


Monitor longitudinal biomarkers to track disease burden, safety signals or therapeutic effect and intervene timely and with precision​ to improve patient safety and experience while undergoing treatment.

Collaborate with us

We are open to exploring new approaches and technology development with speed and urgency.