Anagni, Italy

Anagni, Italy

Anagni, Italy facility

Facts and Figures

  • The Bristol Myers Squibb Anagni facility is a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, situated in an industrial area one hundred kilometers southeast of Rome. It opened in 1966.
  • The facility floor space is approximately 19,300 square meters on a site of 34 hectacres.
  • The Anagni Facility manufactures and packages cardiovascular, neuroleptics, anticancer, metabolic, and anti-inflammatory medicines, as well as non-penicillin based antibiotics, antivirals, analgesics as injectables and biologics.

Community and Social Progress

  • Employees from Anagni have collaborated on several educational initiatives to raise Environmental Health & Safety awareness and understanding in the community. This partnering has resulted in the publication of several booklets about water, chemicals, and plants and animals.
  • Safety enhancements:
    • Regular facility-wide communication of near-miss incidents/accidents
    • Collective protection of machine improvement
    • Ergonomic equipment investments
    • Continuous risk assessment and improvement plans
  • Safety training is provided to each employee.

Environmental Performance

  • The Anagni facility achieved the environmental management system certification ISO 14001 in 2000 and achieved the health and safety management system certification OHSAS 18001 in 2002. Both certifications are maintained through successful inspections by the respective organizations.
  • The plant installed two solar energy photovoltaic systems to provide an alternative source of electricity. The first photovoltaic plant, installed in March 2007, provides energy to the offices. A larger, second set of panels installed in December 2007, powers the facility's wastewater treatment plant. The solar panels produce about 37,500 kilowatt-hours per year of electrical energy, which correlates to a greenhouse gas reduction of 15,000 kilograms of CO2 equivalents per year.
  • Actions taken to reduce EHS impacts include:
    • Waste management: waste recycling improvement awareness, empty water bottles recovered.
    • Energy use: photovoltaic plant installation, energy-saving campaign.
  • The health of our employees, the safety of our process, and protecting the environment are the commitments of our facility and moral principles of our way of work.
Key Facility Environmental Performance Metrics 2012
Total Energy Use 261,000 gigajoules
Water use 305,000,000 liters

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