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Bristol Myers Squibb’s robust presence in California is transforming the way cancer and other difficult-to-treat diseases are approached. 

Scientists and researchers with diverse backgrounds and expertise in Brisbane, Redwood City, San Diego and San Francisco collaborate across teams, functions and sites to follow their own scientific curiosity, enabling fast, flexible science that ultimately increases the efficiency and success of drugs in the clinic. These efforts, at a time when the pace of technological advancements and creation of new biomedical knowledge is accelerating, are laying the foundation for investigational molecules that may one day have a significant therapeutic impact.

Meet our team

Learn about our leaders who are making a difference in California.

Join us as we transform patient lives through science 

Every day, each of us work to improve outcomes of patients fighting serious diseases. Together we’re building a better future for each other and the patients who need us the most. 

Driving innovation forward in California

Learn about our broad scope of scientific innovation in California.

Crystallizing exponential possibilities in protein degradation >

Jinyi Zhu, PhD, works with his Protein Homeostasis Structural Biology team to identify new proteins of interest that, if targeted for degradation, could transform patient outcomes in diseases.

Today’s cell therapy insights shaping tomorrow >

While cancer remains one of the greatest global health challenges, there have been unprecedented breakthroughs and innovations in cancer research in recent years, and more people are living longer with cancer than ever before. 

Confronting the complexities of cancer >

Bristol Myers Squibb is driven to understand human biology and the complexities of cancer in order to advance the next generation of cancer therapies.

Looking to the future of cell therapy >

Bristol Myers Squibb is pursuing a multitude of diverse approaches in cell therapy to attack disease from new perspectives. 

Protein homeostasis 101: a Q&A with Mark Rolfe >

Hear from Mark Rolfe, Ph.D., as he describes protein homeostasis and protein degradation, and how the company is leveraging this novel research to make a difference for patients.

Building on today’s science to research medicines of tomorrow >

As a scientific research community, our work is never done for cancer patients. Building upon established science allows researchers to pursue new approaches, test new hypotheses and – ultimately – uncover new answers to emerging and enduring questions that may address unmet needs for patients. 

Community impact

Learn about how we are making a difference in communities across California

Empowering communities along the West Coast for a better tomorrow >

On the West Coast, Bristol Myers Squibb has a robust research, development and manufacturing presence, and we are investing in the local communities where our employees live and work by supporting programs, initiatives and organizations that help improve health, promote and expand STEM education and deliver basic human services through our community giving activities.

Young researchers in the Bay Area embarking on scientific (and hiking) adventures through BMS internship program >

Learn about how Bristol Myers Squibb’s internship program in the Bay Area is inspiring a new generation of physicians and scientists from communities who have been historically underrepresented in STEM. 

People and business resource groups >

People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) represent one key strategy we use to support the business objectives, career advancement and development needs of our employees.

California regional fact sheet >

Learn more about our impact in California.

Enhancing cultural intelligence to deliver healthcare solutions >

Bristol Myers Squibb has partnered with PAN, which has helped employees connect with BMS customers & patients by enhancing cultural intelligence to get better healthcare solutions.

Additional resources

Learn more about our scientific approaches and innovation.

Hope across the generations >

Regina McDermott Smyth's participation in a clinical trial for mavacamten has enhanced her life and given hope to her family with an inherited heart disease.

Translational medicine >

With a long history of translating scientific learnings into transformational medicines, Bristol Myers Squibb is currently seeking a more precise understanding of how discoveries and treatments impact each patient. 

Protein degradation resources >

Learn about the science behind protein degradation and ongoing research that harnesses the power of this natural process.

Tumor microenvironment resources >

Exploring the tumor microenvironment (TME) to better understand how cancer and the immune system coexist is a core component of Bristol Myers Squibb’s research and early development strategy.

Cell therapy resources >

Novel cell-based therapies that use a person’s own cells are unlocking new potential in the fight against some of the most difficult-to-treat cancers.