Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

Facts and Figures

  • As part of the Bristol Myers Squibb team, ZymoGenetics is focused on the discovery and early manufacture of therapeutic proteins.
  • We have been located in the historic Lake Union Steam Plant building since 1993, and occupy over 127,000 square feet of lab and office space designed to foster innovative research and collaboration.
  • ZymoGenetics is a fully-integrated research and manufacturing organization with a broad range of skills and technologies, including scientific computing, molecular and cellular biology, protein chemistry, antibody generation and engineering, quality, drug formulation, process development and protein manufacturing.
    • Research. ZymoGenetics focuses its early research efforts on discovery and development of therapeutic proteins with potential for effective treatment of immuno-oncology diseases.
    • Manufacturing. ZymoGenetics also has core expertise and process development capabilities that it uses in early manufacturing of microbial and mammalian based proteins to support toxicology studies and early-stage clinical trials.
  • Through collaboration, cooperation and commitment, ZymoGenetics continues to help drive forward Bristol Myers Squibb’s early pipeline to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious disease.


  • On both a corporate and an employee level, supporting the local community is a core value.
  • We recognize that the future of the biopharma industry depends upon a skilled and diverse workforce. Therefore, many of our local grants and outreach efforts focus on science education from elementary through college. Examples of various sponsorships include:
    • The Association for Women in Science Scholarship, University of Washington, Pacific Science Center;
    • The Ballard High School Biotech Academy;
    • The Northwest Association for Biomedical Research Biotech Expo;
    • The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute’s Bioquest Program; and
    • The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Science Education Partnership.
  • We emphasize partnership, providing financial support, and in-kind donations such as lab consumables, as well as volunteering at local schools and science programs.
  • Our employees also participate in local foundation fundraising events aligned with our corporate mission, to support health initiatives and disease prevention in areas such as cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular, HIV/AIDS, lupus, and leukemia.
  • We emphasize teamwork and actively support those in need locally by providing basic needs or disaster relief in times of crisis.
  • In 2013, our employees donated over $40,000 in cash and over 3000 items of canned food and other basic items.


  • ZymoGenetics achieved the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Silver Existing Building Operations and Maintenance certification for our main facility, the historic Lake Union Steam Plant on June 25, 2014.
  • ZymoGenetics is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and operating in a sustainable manner.
    • Our capital upgrade projects are designed to improve efficiency in our labs and offices, and ensure that equipment and systems reduce our carbon footprint and energy utilization.
    • In line with the corporate goals, our vision is to reduce utility consumption 10-15% across the board.
  • Realizing that success cannot be solely dependent upon infrastructure alone, the individual employee plays a critical role.
    • Programs to encourage simple behavior modifications, such as participation in comprehensive recycling and composting programs, and turning off lights and equipment when not in use, can have a substantial cumulative and positive effect.
    • We have chartered a “Green Team,” comprised of department representatives that have both a functional and personal commitment, to facilitate strategy and implementation of advanced sustainability initiatives that are aligned with corporate goals in our effort to lead from the front.
    • Through our Commute Trip Reduction program we encourage employees to utilize the bus, vanpools, or the train to get to and from work to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOV). Over the past 10 years we have been recognized for our innovative commuting programs and received the Diamond Award twice from the City of Seattle.
  • In 2012, ZymoGenetics was named one of the top 50 Green Companies in the State of Washington by Seattle Magazine.
Key Facility Environmental Performance Metrics 2012
Total Energy Use 63,000 gigajoules*
Water Use 13,000,000 liters

* Reflects efficiency factor (EF) for national U.S. average 37.4% based on values provided by the International Energy Agency.

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