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BMS IME department independently verifies the educational needs of healthcare professionals. Throughout the year, we will publish these educational needs in a request for education document in our areas of interest. Below is our list of the open RFEs. Click on the links in the table to access details. Please check back on a regular basis, as new RFEs are posted occasionally.
RFP Code
RFP Issue Date
Area of Interest
Type of Request
RFP Title
LOR Due Date
RFE-21-ONC-102 6/18/2021

Immuno-Oncology (I-O) in the setting of early stages of cancer (ESOC).    

It is our intent to support a comprehensive, innovative, educational initiative that:  

  • Characterizes the mechanisms of action of cancer immunotherapy and discusses the rationale for using I-O as a component of multimodal therapy in earlier stages of cancer.
  • Discusses and integrates emerging I-O clinical trial data into clinical practice in earlier settings across multiple tumor types (Ex: lung, melanoma, bladder, upper GI, etc.).
  • Communicates clinically relevant endpoints in early disease clinical trials and discusses how they may be an indicator of long-term benefit.
  • Identifies appropriate patients with significant recurrence risk and assesses candidacy for I-O therapy based on surgical considerations, relevant biomarkers, and risk-benefit assessment.
  • Assesses safety and adverse effects of I-O in early stages of cancer and its potential implication on surgical outcomes and quality of life.


RFE-21-ONC-102 July 30, 2021, by 5pm EST

If you have any questions regarding an open RFE, contact us at +1 800-831-9008

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