Commitment to patients

We’re committed to universal access for our medicines, and we’ve developed specific policies to help guide our efforts. We feel we have an important role to play by working with payers, physicians, patients and civil society to enhance patient access.


We are committed to providing access to our prescription medicines at fair prices to further our mission to help patients prevail over serious diseases. Learn more

HIV global ACCESS policy statement

Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to helping prolong and enhance human life through the development of innovative HIV medicines that focus on areas of high unmet need.

Given its commitment to innovation, Bristol Myers Squibb believes that intellectual property rights must be respected on a worldwide basis.

Bristol Myers Squibb’s pricing policy for HIV products will be based on the ability to pay of each country, as measured by their Gross National Income (GNI) per capita, and other factors.

For instance, in Low Income countries, Bristol Myers Squibb’s goal is to enable generic manufacturers of HIV medicines to meet the needs in these ACCESS markets for anti-retrovirals. In Middle Income countries, we look at country GNI as well as government commitments to treating HIV/AIDS. And in High Income countries, we remain sensitive to the needs of payers and special populations, while also taking into account the need to meet our other business goals.

Among the tools we use to facilitate anti-retrovirals in ACCESS markets, we may provide immunity from suit to HIV generic manufacturers, assess the need for technology transfer, consider allowing generic manufacturers to co-formulate company products with other drugs based on sound medical and other criteria and where appropriate, provide products at no-profit prices.


Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to conducting activities related to nonclinical and clinical research and development of our pharmaceutical products in accordance with the highest legal, ethical and scientific standards. Learn more

Disclosure of clinical trial information

We are committed to publishing the results from our registered clinical trials, regardless of the outcome of the trial. Learn more

Enabling R&D through protection of intellectual property rights and pricing

We rigorously protect our intellectual property, but we ensure that patents do not prevent access to therapy in resource-constrained countries. Learn more

Expanded access to investigational medicines program

Our goal with our early patient access programs is to ensure that appropriate patients can obtain access to our investigational medicines. Learn more

Direct import program

This program helps patients gain access to certain existing products that might otherwise be unavailable. Learn more

Governance of our policies

Accountability, ethics and governance entities

Board of directors

Oversight on science disease issues and opportunities

Philanthropy governance

CEO Giovanni Caforio serves on the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Advisory team

Our Worldwide Market Access Council and a Global Medical Council advise senior leadership on access-related policy initiatives.