Product quality and safety

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and ensuring product integrity. From development through commercial manufacturing, and distribution, we protect the entire product lifecycle.

View a summary of our Corporate Policy on Quality. We provide consumers and distributors with information necessary to ensure the safe use, transportation, storage and disposal of our products. Our Regulatory Affairs Department follows policy development, collects data on labeling and ensures compliance with regulations.


Regular audits are undertaken at our manufacturing facilities and in local markets to ensure compliance with company and regulatory health authority standards.

Cold chain support

Keeping critical supplies at the proper temperature is called the cold chain. For years, health professionals have struggled to develop the cold chain in developing countries to ensure that critical medicines and vaccines could reach those in need. We continually optimize efforts for cold chain support in India in preparation of the introduction of biologic treatments in the future.

Security technologies

To help secure products within the distribution chain and combat counterfeit drugs, many developing countries have established or are in the process of establishing laws and regulations requiring products to be serialized and/or to have tamper-evident features on product packaging. These countries include Argentina, India, China, Turkey and Brazil to name a few. We have implemented appropriate security technologies to meet this global expectation.

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