Bambisanani South Africa

The Bambisanani Project aims to develop and implement home-based care systems in an area of the Eastern Cape suffering from high levels of HIV/AIDS.


The Qaukeni sub-district of Alfred Nzo in the Eastern Cape region is one of the most economically depressed areas of South Africa. Delivering health care and disease education to help reduce or prevent the transmission of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) in this region is difficult.


Bambisanani partners with government and community leaders to deliver home-based care to vulnerable children as well as individuals and families affected by HIV and TB. This project aims to improve the collaboration between different healthcare providers. Together, they will reduce the number of TB infections through early screening and referrals to care and by encouraging more clients to seek services.

Community activities will focus on high-risk populations in the Qaukeni sub-district. Workshops and training will teach community health workers, caregivers, and volunteers to help reach and educate families through home visits.

Bambisanani works closely with clinics to gather data on HIV and TB clients who have been referred for treatment. This data is communicated to ENGAGE-TB and the national registry to monitor these community-based care programs.


  • World Health Organization’s ENGAGE-TB collaboration
  • Qaukeni Sub-District