Focus areas

A healthier world is attainable and achievable, but access remains unequal. Patients, regardless of where they live, still encounter limited access to medicines. We believe in long-term sustainable global solutions to address health inequities and we’re developing new pathways and models to expand access to patients. 

Increase awareness, engagement & influence

We support programs that educate under-resourced communities and engage people in healthy behaviors. Improving education and awareness helps at-risk patients have better health outcomes with early diagnosis and quality medical care.

Funding innovation

We invest in creative solutions, new approaches and inventive concepts to advance health equity, enabling our grantees to explore their effectiveness and develop data that demonstrates their value.

Driving positive health outcomes

We work across the full continuum of care from education to diagnosis to treatment to support our grantees’ efforts to give patients longer, healthier lives.

Advocating, sustaining and replicating change

We help our grantees to develop self-sustaining programs that create lasting positive change. We work with governments, civil society organizations, public institutions and private sector sponsors toward the elimination of barriers to improving health outcomes.

Our grantmaking approach

At the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, we believe that geographic, economic, racial or social circumstances should not determine health outcomes. We support that conviction with developing grantee relationships focused on cancers, cardiovascular disease and immunologic disease in under-served communities and regions in the world that are less developed and heavily burdened. Currently, we are funding programs in the US, nine African countries, Brazil and China.

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Evolution of our impact

For decades, we at the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation and our grantees have improved health outcomes for underserved communities around the world. Relationships are at the core of what we do; they make it possible to create lasting change on a larger scale than we could ever accomplish alone. That’s why we support multifaceted endeavors with organizations serving these communities who are developing innovative, sustainable solutions to improve health outcomes and advance health equity.


Although more people today are surviving cancer, the same is not true for everyone. We are working with grantees in areas where social stigmas, inadequate education, and lack of services contribute to increased mortality rates from cancers. 


We seek to improve delivery and utilization of specialty care for immunological disorders to underserved and under-resourced populations in the U.S.


We support programs that provide access to cardiology speciality medical care, social support and services for vulnerable and under-resourced populations in the U.S. to mitigate complications from cardiovascular disease.

Diversity in clinical trials

We aim to increase diversity of patients enrolled in clinical trials, expand the pipeline of diverse clinical trialists and ultimately enhance the development of therapeutics for all populations.