Youth Advocates of Zimbabwe & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Youth Advocates of Zimbabwe

Youth Advocates of Zimbabwe is a youth led organization on a mission to empower young people and communities by addressing the issues they face.


Southern Africa is the region most affected by HIV, with 430,000 new cases diagnosed every year among people ages 15-24 alone. In total, 2.6 million people in this region live with HIV. Many young people are stigmatized by their disease and have no place to turn for discussing their fears and concerns for the future.


Youth Advocates Zimbabwe will use peer-to-peer outreach, social media, and other communication technologies to create a friendly, protective, and inclusive environment for HIV-positive youth. They hope to encourage these young people to seek HIV treatment and support services. The organization will use drama and musical outreach, school promotion, public speaking competitions, psychosocial training, and social events to raise HIV awareness and education and provide a safety net for those in need. Youth Advocates Zimbabwe will also create a Youth Helpline call center.

The Foundation’s Secure the Future Technical Assistance Program will help in the areas of advocacy, leadership, fundraising, and psychosocial interventions.