FSG & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation


FSG is a mission-driven consulting firm that supports leaders to create large-scale, lasting social change. FSG will develop a series of issue briefs for the Specialty Care for Vulnerable Populations initiative that identify barriers to the access and use of specialty care, as well as highlighting solutions to reduce disparities and encourage system-wide action.


At the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, we support the development of innovative, evidence-based models of specialty care delivery, but we are pushing to do more. We will intensify our work with grantees to take successful models that emerge from Specialty Care for Vulnerable Populations projects and turn them into sustainable services.

It’s important that we speak with payers, health systems and policy makers to gain their perspectives about funding sources and operational issues so we can incorporate those ideas early on into our grantees’ projects. This will also create the opportunity for creative and high-impact collaborations and partnerships to develop.


FSG will develop a series of issue briefs for the Specialty Care for Vulnerable Populations initiative that identify barriers to the access and use of specialty care. With the barriers known, FSG will develop strategies to overcome them through comprehensive system change.

A communications plan will engage stakeholders, potential partners, and collaborators while helping to establish the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation as a leader in the development and delivery of sustainable programs addressing the inequities in specialty care.

FSG will continue to provide support and assistance to our grantees to develop and integrate new strategies to keep up with the changing landscape of health delivery systems and payment reform.

Project Leader

Lauren Smith, lauren.a.smith@fsg.org