The Anne Arundel Medical Center & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

The Anne Arundel Medical Center

Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC) will expand its Rapid Access Chest and Lung Assessment Program (RACLAP) to its surrounding communities, utilizing primary care practices, federally qualified health centers, and community hospitals that serve low income and minority patients at high risk for lung cancer.


Lung cancer accounts for 26.7% of all cancer deaths in Maryland and approximately 15.2% of the adult population of the state are current smokers. Smoking contributes to 80-90% of lung cancer deaths and individuals diagnosed at later stages have more limited treatment options and decreased chances of long-term survival.

Anne Arundel Medical Center seeks to address the increase of lung cancer in its surrounding communities of Anne Arundel, Calvert, and Prince George counties with a particular focus on Medicaid and vulnerable populations.


As part of a diverse team, primary physicians, specialists and a thoracic nurse navigator will work to expedite the identification and diagnosis of lung cancer, improve the connection between patients and the healthcare system, and increase centralization of care.

The goal of this team will be to provide a continuum of care for individuals at risk for, or diagnosed with, lung cancer. They will use a three-pronged approach of smoking avoidance/cessation programs, lung cancer screening, and the expansion of the Rapid Access Chest and Lung Assessment Program (RACLAP).

This project will provide a multi-faceted approach to primary and secondary lung cancer prevention and promote collaboration among primary care and lung cancer care providers.

Project Leader

Gretchen Mulvihill,


  • Calvert Memorial Hospital
  • Living Healthier Together Coalition