Lengo Health Programme

We are helping to educate, enable, and empower Kenyan women in the fight against reproductive cancers.


Cancer is the third-leading cause of death in Kenya. The rising mortality rate among women ages 19-45 in the Rarieda district has called attention to the need for greater awareness and knowledge of reproductive cancers within the community and among service providers. Decreasing the time between screening and diagnosis of cervical and breast cancer and access to care is an important step toward saving lives. There are currently limited governmental structures in place to provide breast and cervical cancer services, and many people prefer to die at home.


The Lengo Health Programme will provide community education and empowerment about breast and cervical cancer prevention, and help empower leaders to reduce stigma and discrimination within the community. The project seeks to create an environment in which women who have been screened for breast and cervical cancer are equipped with accurate reporting and documentation to become advocates for the project and for support for services.