Global position statement on clinical trial diversity

Clinical trials are an integral step in the development of new, potentially life-saving drugs and therapies. In these studies, important information on safety, dosing, and efficacy of a new medical drug or product is collected. Since these trials provide insight into how patients will respond to the therapy being tested, it is important that they include participants that are representative of those who may be prescribed the trial product after regulatory approval.

Historically in global settings, racially- and ethnically-diverse communities, patients with disabilities, and women are particularly underrepresented in clinical trials globally. This has sometimes led to inadequate safety and efficacy data on therapies, which contributes to longer term health inequities and poor health outcomes

BMS supports access to clinical trials for all patients to ensure equitable enrollment in trials for potentially life-saving therapies and to improve diverse participation in the pharmaceutical drug testing process. We understand there is much work to be done and how critical our partners are to this journey. Diversity in clinical trials is a complex issue facing the broader industry, requiring us to continuously leverage progress made through collaboration and deliberate action.