Global position statement on transparency

Many stakeholders, including policymakers and non-governmental organizations, have shown an increased interest in the disclosure of information related to medicines across a variety of domains.

BMS is committed to complying with any transparency laws and regulations that are related to our business and supports efforts that aim to provide information to patients and relevant stakeholders. Transparency in the biopharmaceutical industry includes, but is not limited to, disclosure of information related to medicine pricing, research and development (R&D) costs, company sales and financials, clinical trial data, intellectual property and patents, and interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations.

BMS believes that transparency efforts should follow an established set of principles to ensure a consistent, sustainable, fair, and efficient approach to transparency. BMS strongly opposes any transparency policies that limit access to medicines, hinder innovation, or inappropriately target specialty medicines. At the same time, BMS believes in providing an open environment that fosters trust and respect among patients, colleagues, HCPs/HCOs, policymakers, payers, stockholders, and the public. BMS believes that patients especially should have all the relevant information that allows them to make better, more informed decisions regarding their healthcare.