Global position statement on value assessments (VAs)

Value assessments (VAs) refer to the different approaches used to assess value, including Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) and other value frameworks, that measure the magnitude of clinical benefit (sometimes in relation to costs).

BMS believes that VAs can serve as an important tool to: (i) understand the value of innovation, (ii) inform clinical and resource allocation decisions, and (iii) help health care decision makers achieve positive outcomes for patients, as long as such assessments are well designed and used appropriately.

BMS therefore supports regulatory and reimbursement frameworks that recognize the value of innovation and promote access to innovative products to help patients prevail over serious diseases. Among other things, VAs should be patient-centered and allow for broad stakeholder engagement. VAs should also assess value holistically, and be multi-dimensional broadly reflecting the clinical, economical, and social benefits, risks, and costs. Further, VAs should yield timely and high-quality conclusions created through flexible and transparent processes.