Environmental performance

Our approach to discovering, manufacturing and delivering our medicines is simple. Operate responsibly. We take our commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability seriously, and extend this expectation to our partners and suppliers.

Performance data collection
In keeping with our tradition of environmental transparency, we actively collect and share environmental and safety data from our facilities worldwide.
Energy conservation
We are committed to reducing our total energy use by 15 percent. Our total energy use decreased by 13.1 percent through 2015.
Compliance and remediation
We work hard to make sure our facilities comply with government regulations. When we fall short of this commitment, we take action to correct the problem and prevent a recurrence.
Other air emissions

While Bristol Myers Squibb is focused on emissions reduction related to energy consumption and transportation, we also monitor other emissions that may impact the local community.

Green building design
Being environmentally responsible and resource-efficient is important to us. Our state-of-the-art biologics facility in Devens, Massachusetts represents our commitment to incorporating green practices in building design.
Investments in EHS

For Bristol Myers Squibb, the benefits of investing in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs are about more than the bottom line. It’s about protecting something priceless: people’s health and safety.

Water use
Access to clean water is not only critical to our facilities, but also the families in our local communities. We’re doing our part to reduce water usage at all of our facilities.
Product stewardship
Our commitment to product stewardship defines our approach to developing and manufacturing more sustainable solutions across our products lifecycle.
From changing our modes of transportation to incorporating videoconferencing at our facilities worldwide, we're taking innovative steps to improve our transportation-related impact on the environment.
Wastewater effluents
Clean water is essential to life. We work to ensure our wastewater effluents don’t have a negative impact on the quality of water in surrounding communities.

Greenhouse gas emissions
Through our Sustainability 2015 Goal, we’ve reduced greenhouse gas emissions across our operations by approximately 128,000 metric tons from 2009 to 2015.
Biodiversity and land use
Through our Sustainability 2010 Goal, our facilities around the world partner with organizations to protect endangered or threatened species.

We are accountable for efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. We track total waste disposed off-site from our manufacturing and R&D locations worldwide, and are committed to reduce waste generation.