Environmental sustainability

At BMS, we are dedicated to helping people prevail over serious diseases and we know our responsibility goes beyond medicine. That is why we are identifying actionable solutions and implementing changes to our business that minimizes our environmental footprint and addresses the harmful effects of environmental degradation and climate change on public health.

Advancing energy efficiency

Through various modes of interaction, we continuously evaluate and optimize operations by reviewing efficiency data and sequences of operation.

Climate and Environment

We are actively identifying solutions and implementing changes to our business that minimize our environmental footprint and address the harmful effects of environmental degradation and climate change on public health.

Employee Engagement

We foster a strong sustainability culture that is core to our values and beliefs and our mission to transform patients’ lives through science.

Pharmaceuticals in the environment (PiE)

We integrate principles of resource conservation, pollution prevention and environmental responsibility into our business processes, facilities, operations and products.

Product stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability does not end when our life-saving medicines have been developed and manufactured—it continues throughout the process of packaging innovation to reduce our packaging footprint and shipping logistics as we transport our medicines to destinations around the world.

Shipping & logistics

Our distribution and logistics team is responsible for working with outsourced operations providers to reduce waste, conserve energy and minimize carbon emissions.

Supplier Engagement

We are continuously looking for ways to catalyze our supply base – identifying actionable ways to minimize impacts, provide resources, and use third party verification for accountability.

Sustainable facility design and green labs

At BMS, we apply sustainable facility and laboratory design principles, and provide our teams with the tools and resources to reduce GHG emissions, increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste and water use.

Waste Management

We have implemented meaningful waste reduction strategies across our labs as well as packaging and transportation efficiencies, which are contributing to decreased waste and emissions.


BMS continuously looks for ways to reduce our water consumption and find better mechanisms of water treatment.