Advancing energy efficiency

Our approach to managing energy efficiency begins with engaging our global facilities teams, who are intimately familiar with the systems and building operations. Through various modes of interaction, we continuously evaluate and optimize operations by reviewing efficiency data and sequences of operation.

Technology innovation

In 2023, BMS launched an “Automatic Fault Detection & Diagnostics” (AFDD) software platform at eight major sites. This platform oversees almost all utility equipment in each campus using advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect systems operating inefficiently. The deployment of this initiative won a prestigious 2023 Energy Star “Top Project of the Year” award. AFDD will be used to continuously optimize operations, improve occupant thermal comfort, enhance maintenance procedures, and reduce utility consumption.

Sustainability treasure hunts

The BMS Global Energy & Sustainability Services Team has been organizing EPA style “Treasure Hunt” events throughout our global network since 2015. These events gather team members from the site, within the BMS network and industry experts to hunt for energy and water savings opportunities. These events don’t only find efficiency opportunities, they embed sustainability into the culture of the organization through teamwork, relationship building and bonding over achieving common good.

Continuous improvement 

All sites participate in continuous improvement and learning opportunities. Monthly Global Energy and Water Council team meetings are held to discuss site initiatives, review new technologies and share best practices. These collaborative events allow cross functional knowledge sharing and our global network to grow together.

Industry partnerships and collaborations

BMS participates in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Plants program, which helps us find ways to boost energy efficiency, increase resilience and reduce our carbon footprint with industry partners. We are also part of the (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Training Program focused on facility improvements and energy efficiencies.

Additionally, BMS has a multi-year partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute in which we work collaboratively on the development of our transition to carbon-free, sustainable, resilient buildings. Through an integrative design approach, the teams have been finding significant efficiencies and new technological opportunities that are being woven into our evolving site strategy. New sustainability design standards have been established to construct our new facilities and major renovations in an energy efficient and sustainable manner.

Collaboration within BMS and across our industry partnerships has helped us to continue evolving and enhancing our decarbonization efforts.