Other air emissions

We take strides to ensure our facilities are minimizing any emissions to the environment.

Ozone depleting substances

We do not collect or report total emissions of ozone depleting substances (ODS) centrally; however data continues to be managed site by site. Bristol Myers Squibb retrofitted or retired 17 industrial refrigeration units at facilities in Indiana, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. The company took steps to assure compliance with facility leak repair, testing and recordkeeping requirements.

In addition, the company replaced two additional comfort cooling refrigeration units in New Jersey with non-ODS equipment. These measures removed over 6,350 pounds of ODS refrigerants from our operations.

Local noise and odors

We’re committed to working with our neighbors to ensure that our operations do not negatively impact the local community. We understand that nuisance issues, such as noise and odors, can become significant if left unaddressed. In the event that odors or noise become a problem for any member of the community, we encourage them to contact the facility management.

Acid gas emissions

As of 2010, we discontinued central collection of NOx, SOx and HCl data; however this information continues to be monitored site by site. Previously we reported on our emissions of carbon monoxide and particulate matter, but these were found to be insignificant.