Sustainability 2015 Goals

Bristol Myers Squibb built on our previous goals and took another significant step forward on the road to sustainability.

Strengthening our commitment and setting our course

Bristol Myers Squibb took another significant step forward on the road to sustainability.

For Bristol Myers Squibb, sustainability means conducting our business to help patients prevail over serious diseases in a manner that contributes to economic growth, social responsibility and a healthy environment now and in the future. As it expressly states in the company Commitment: “We take our commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability seriously, and extend this expectation to our partners and suppliers.”

During the past two decades, Bristol Myers Squibb has been recognized as an industry leader in setting innovative and ambitious environmental and sustainability goals, and sharing the company’s annual progress in meeting these goals with the public. Among these recognitions have been Newsweek magazine’s Green Ranking and listing among the leading sustainability-driven companies in Corporate Responsibility magazine’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

Building on this foundation, Bristol Myers Squibb implemented a set of five-year goals that strengthened the company’s fundamental business and supported its position as a sustainability leader.

For Bristol Myers Squibb, sustainability is much more than meeting environmental mandates. The company’s approach to sustainability is comprehensive and global, and encompasses the products we make and how we make them, our facilities, our employees and our communities. We continually challenged ourselves to higher standards in setting the Sustainability 2015 Goals

Sustainability 2015 Goals Final Report

Bristol Myers Squibb built on our previous goals and took another significant step forward on the road to sustainability.

Sustainability 2015 Goals

The Sustainability 2015 Goals addressed a broad spectrum of company responsibilities to its stakeholders – patients and customers, employees, global communities, shareholders and the natural environment.

These goals focused attention on those areas of great importance for the future success of the company’s biopharma strategy and for the health and well-being of the global community.

Bristol Myers Squibb developed these goals through a rigorous process, with the active participation of employees representing Research and Development, Global Manufacturing and Supply, Commercial Operations, Public Affairs, Human Resources, the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation and other staff functions. The goals were benchmarked against those of other companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical and other industry sectors, and were developed considering key issues and expectations of company stakeholders. The goals were reviewed and approved by the CEO and the company’s senior Leadership Team.


Goal By 2015 we will
To our patients and customers:

Address focused unmet medical needs to improve health

  • Develop and commercialize medicines that address serious diseases
  • Improve health outcomes by partnering to strengthen healthcare infrastructure, services and education
  • Increase transparency and access to information on our medicines

Enhance the environmental and safe handling aspects of our medicines throughout their life cycle

  • Integrate design principles (e.g., green chemistry and safe handling) throughout new product development and commercialization
  • Reduce packaging waste by 5%
To our employees:

Provide a safe and healthy work environment

  • Address reduction of injury and illness rates in top 25% of pharmaceutical industry performance, with rates improving

Achieve a high performing work force as a recognized employer of choice

  • Build and develop a globally diverse leadership and talent pipeline to drive innovation
To our global communities:

Increase key supplier sustainability aligned with our Commitment

  • Expand principles of sustainability and performance indicators at key suppliers

Educate and engage our organization to actively drive progress in environmental and social responsibility

  • Increase employee understanding and commitment to implement sustainability initiatives
To our environment:

Improve the environmental footprint of our company

  • Reduce total energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 15%
  • Reduce total water use by 10%
To our shareholders:

Financial benefits, enhanced reputation and risk reduction