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Bristol Myers Squibb
Life & Science illustrates connections between the personal and the biological through emotional stories of strength and survival.

A year ago, when people from across our company gathered for a discussion about redesigning BMS.com, the challenge was clear: How can we share the greater Bristol Myers Squibb story and do it in a way that hasn’t been done before?

In addition to providing relevant information about Bristol Myers Squibb products and innovation, we felt the new website needed to transcend typical corporate messages and effectively humanize the work that our employees carry out every day for patients. Enter Life & Science magazine.

A subset of BMS.com, Life & Science serves as a vehicle for feature content designed to engage and inform audiences on a range of topics. The innovative digital format allows Bristol Myers Squibb to better showcase and share compelling narratives about the science, people and patients that set the company apart.

Through the magazine, we are improving how we talk about Bristol Myers Squibb as a company and sharing the work our colleagues do around the globe do to help patients and advance scientific innovation.

For the inaugural issue of Life & Science, the magazine will take readers to Kentucky, which has the highest incidence of lung cancer in the United States. Approximately 3,500 people there die of the disease each year.

The Kentucky LEADS Collaborative (Lung Cancer Education, Awareness, Detection and Survivorship), an initiative funded by a grant from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, is helping to turn the tide through provider education, prevention and early detection; and survivorship care.

We hope when you read the magazine on BMS.com, you'll learn something about Bristol Myers Squibb that you didn’t know before.


The BMS.com Team