Better outcomes for patients

January 31, 2018     

Earlier this week, Bristol Myers Squibb’s Head of Global Policy, Advocacy and Government Affairs Amadou Diarra gathered with members of the European Parliament in Brussels to mark the first anniversary of All.Can, a global health advocacy initiative co-founded by Bristol Myers Squibb in December 2017.

Amadou Diarra, Head, Global Policy, Advocacy & Goverment Affairs

Amadou Diarra, Head, Global Policy, Advocacy & Goverment Affairs

Bringing together policymakers, healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups and industry representatives from around the globe, the All.Can initiative was launched by Bristol Myers Squibb, Amgen and MSD (known as Merck in the United States) with the goal of improving efficiencies in cancer care.

Running both local and global initiatives, All.Can’s 120 member organizations work to bring forward projects and recommend policies to improve healthcare systems and patient treatments.

At the All.Can event, members of parliament, patient groups and All.Can members engaged in panel discussions exploring how advocates and health policy decision-makers can work more efficiently to share best practices in cancer care and help improve patient outcomes across the EU.

“It is up to all key stakeholders to collaboratively address the growing burden of cancer and find solutions to ensure sustainable care,” said Diarra. “Through partnerships and meaningful conversations, sharing and scaling-up concrete examples of what works, we hope to influence policies, as well as resource allocation that will reduce unnecessary waste and enable better outcomes for cancer patients across the globe.”

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