Snapshot of Bristol Myers Squibb Saudi Arabia

December 04, 2017     

Starting next June, for the first time in their careers, women who work at the Bristol Myers Squibb office in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to drive themselves to the office, as will all women working in the Kingdom.  This is result of a decree issued in September by King Salman allowing women in Saudi Arabia the right to obtain driver’s licenses without having to ask permission of their male guardians.

On the heels of this groundbreaking announcement, the Bristol Myers Squibb leadership team in Saudi Arabia has announced its own commitment to enabling gender diversity and female career advancement.

Basant R., Immunology, BMS Saudi Arabia

Basant R., Immunology, BMS Saudi Arabia

“Our goal is to further change for women in Saudi Arabia that we are beginning to witness outside of the organization,” Saudi Arabia General Manager Hisham Hagar said.

“On the one hand, the change in driving policy will be a huge step forward in bringing more Saudi women into the workforce, while on the other, those women working at Bristol Myers Squibb will have the support they need to continue to advance and flourish in their careers,” Hagar added.

The leadership team in Saudi Arabia recently invited female employees to share their career success stories with the rest of the organization, and selected male ambassadors to help increase male awareness and understanding of what holds women back or impedes their aspirations to serve as managers and leaders. The leadership team will also hold quarterly sessions with female employees to share strategies on career development.

“I am particularly grateful to be working for a company that values initiatives such as B-NOW,” said Basant, a member of Saudi Arabia’s Virology Immunology Business Unit. “The company culture is such that women are given a fair and equal chance to advance their careers and pursue promotions.”

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