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Our top stories of the year: Your 7 favorite picks revealed

From women scientists searching for solutions in outer space to strides we've made in cell therapy, these stories were your favorites in 2023.

December 22, 2023     

From celebrating women scientists searching for solutions in outer space, to sharing the strides BMS has made in cell therapy and protein degradation, 2023 delivered progress in a myriad of ways, all helping transform patients' lives through science. Check out seven of our most popular stories from this year, and subscribe to Our Stories alerts to receive updates when new content goes live.

1. Celebrating women in STEM: The sky's (not) the limit

From women scientists searching for solutions in space to strides we've made in cell therapy, these stories were your favorites in 2023.

2. Science Firsthand: The pathway to drug discovery

In the inaugural video and story of Science Firsthand, Mark Rolfe, PhD, senior vice president, Oncogenesis Thematic Research Center, shared BMS’ storied history in protein degradation, including the moment our team opened the doors of possibility to intentionally designed protein degraders.

3. Above and beyond: Our research returns to space

In the search for solutions for our patients, sometimes our scientists must think outside the box. For one team, their research has taken them beyond the boundaries of Earth and into space, where microgravity conditions better support protein crystallization. The tiny crystals they’re looking for could mean big things for patients.

4. PharmD resident takes journey of a lifetime

A residency program offered by the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, in conjunction with the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships, made possible one of the most memorable experiences of Alejandro Nava’s life and career. 

5. What's the future of cell therapy at BMS?

In a riveting interview, Anne Kerber, senior vice president and head of late clinical development, discussed recent developments within BMS' cell therapy work and where the science is heading.

6. 'Not broken, but reborn'

During Global Patient Week this year, we profiled BMS employee-patient Rosario, who helps patients through her work and spreads hope through the 'healing pieces' she creates as an artist.

7. Joining forces on global health's biggest stage

Delivering on our commitment to advance access to quality cancer care and bridge the global health equity gap, BMS was a key player on global health’s biggest stage in May, taking part in the 76th annual World Health Assembly to help launch ambitious initiatives aimed at improving cancer care worldwide.

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