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Bristol-Myers Squibb employees and patients explain in their own words what patient focus really means and how our work is making a difference.

September 23, 2018


n a series of videos, Bristol-Myers Squibb employees and patients share how the company’s commitment to developing and delivering transformational medicines is helping to improve the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Meet Adam

Practicing law ran deep in Adam’s family, so it made sense for him to follow in his father Michael’s footsteps and join his law firm when the time came. When the opportunity to combine his passion for science and his competency in law arose, Adam joined Bristol-Myers Squibb. Little did Adam or Michael know that that opportunity would allow Adam to better understand what Michael experienced during his greatest time of need.

Meet Adrienne

Cancer has personally touched Adrienne’s life several times, taking her father, mother and one of her nephews before he reached the age of 21. As a lawyer at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Adrienne had the opportunity to reach out directly to the widow of a patient who participated in one of BMS’ clinical trials to let her know that her family’s story mattered, and just how personal BMS employees consider their work to be. 

Meet Alicia

At a young age, Alicia was taught to follow her heart, which guided her into a career as a hairstylist. Her job is her passion because it touches on her creative calling to be with and around people. It was that same calling that brought Alicia to the salon where she worked only one day after her first treatment for cancer. It was a fateful day, since the customer in her chair worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The drug that Alicia had just begun taking was the same drug this woman had been working to develop for 10 years. This chance encounter helped to give Alicia the strength and faith she needed to persevere on a journey that changed her life.

Meet David

David, a former Baltimore policeman, was ready to live out his golden years of retirement with his family when he was diagnosed with an advanced cancer. After exploring an investigational therapy, David now has more time to spend with those he loves and isn’t giving up the fight.

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