Because there is more to do

Bristol Myers Squibb employees can sometimes be patients too. Here they explain in their own words what patient-focus really means and how our work is making a difference.

September 05, 2019     

In a series of videos, Bristol Myers Squibb employees and patients share how the company’s commitment to developing and delivering transformational medicines is helping to improve the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Meet Mary Beth and her sister Jeannine

After losing their mother to cancer, sisters Jeannine and Mary Beth banded together. Fear struck again when Jeannine received her own cancer diagnosis, until her doctor's recommended a treatment option from Bristol Myers Squibb. As an employee, her sister’s progress helps Mary Beth bring so much passion into her work and fills Jeannine with gratitude.

Meet Liz

As an adolescent, Liz was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  Having beat the odds, Liz now feels her journey with cancer is personal and allows her to relate to patients on a daily basis in the work she does at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Meet Kevin

After losing two important women in his life to cancer, Kevin finds encouragement in his work to give his best every day. He has been a Bristol Myers Squibb employee for 20 years and the memory of his mother and aunt is a powerful reminder to keep going. 

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