Meet the scientists behind the Touch that Transforms

Their skill, commitment to helping patients, and passion make it possible

January 04, 2022
By Rupert Vessey, president of Research and Early Development

One of the best parts of my job at Bristol Myers Squibb is enjoying a front row seat to the incredible work, research and innovation being conducted in our labs to transform the lives of patients through science.

The work our teams do is remarkable. Our dedicated scientists are helping usher in the next generation of industry-leading medicines across oncology, immunology, hematology and cardiovascular diseases. They are focused on transforming patients’ lives by pioneering dual immunotherapy combinations that may combat more types of cancer, identify new endpoints to better assess cognitive health along a patient’s MS journey, and progress our robust pipeline of more than 50 compounds in development across more than 40 diseases, and 20 first-in-class molecules.

I see many familiar faces featured on Bristol Myers Squibb channels showing the Touch that Transforms - a celebration of the transformative power of science, featuring the real BMS scientists who make it possible. It looks at both what we do in our labs each day, and the reason why.

I invite you to take a minute to meet some of the BMS scientists, below, who are featured and learn more about their incredible work on behalf of patients.

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