The One Young World Summit attracts 1,300 young delegates from 196 countries.

Tackling global issues in the International City of Peace

Bristol Myers Squibb delegates descend upon The Hague for the One Young World Summit

October 12, 2018     

Bristol Myers Squibb colleagues will join young leaders from around the world at the One Young World (OYW) Summit in The Hague, Netherlands this year to discuss some of the most pressing issues the world is currently facing and collaborate on innovative solutions to make a positive difference.

It seems fitting that the gathering is in The Hague -- the International City of Peace and Justice known across the globe as a center for international efforts to make the world a better place. As the world's legal capital and the second seat of the United Nations, tens of thousands of people work together in The Hague each year toward building a more peaceful, just and secure world.

Under the sponsorship of Head, Global Business Operations Charlie Bancroft, 13 delegates from Bristol Myers Squibb were selected to attend this year’s summit. The company has sent more than 60 employees to five of One Young World's last six annual summits. The company has developed a rigorous delegate selection process, attracting more than 100 applicants from over 25 countries.

“One Young World powerfully engages and empowers our next generation of leaders with an enriching experience that will broaden their view of the world,” says Bancroft. “The benefits extend beyond the delegates who attend, as our participation is beneficial for our company, the communities where we live and we work, and also for the patients we serve.”

The annual summit is the largest gathering of countries for a youth-dominated event outside of the Olympic Games.

Many of the delegates have already had an impact in their home countries on a range of issues, including the role of business in society, transparency in business and government, the impact of climate change, global health and hunger relief.

“I am excited to attend One Young World to experience diversity of thought on a global scale and gain insights on how to implement innovative approaches to the problems facing our communities.” said Austin Thekkumthala, Associate Research Scientist at the New Brunswick, N.J. campus and 2018 OYW delegate.

After the summit, the delegates will return to Bristol Myers Squibb to begin work on their own respective initiatives, to assist in those initiatives already in existence from previous delegations and to energize the company’s workplace. 

A few of the successful projects from previous summits include the idea for CLIMB, a People and Business Resource group for millennials, the launch of POSSIBILITY Lives, a behavioral and communications program which leverages neuroscience research to drive innovation and business results by adopting new habits, and Skills 2 Give, a virtual skills-based volunteer program for Bristol Myers Squibb colleagues.

“The One Young World summit will provide me with the platform to network with like-minded millennials to bring to fruition the target goals and initiatives within Bristol Myers Squibb and outside.”  Said Hiral Shah, Manager-Taxation at the Mumbai, India office and 2018 OYW delegate.

The One Young World Summit is strategically linked to Bristol Myers Squibb’s Global Diversity & Inclusion's business objective of creating a 21st century workforce that is powerfully diverse and broadly inclusive of the world's top talent. This includes fostering leadership of Millennials, the largest talent pool in the U.S. today and one poised to be the largest global workforce by the year 2025.

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