Translational science and biomarker research
Biomarkers in immuno-oncology

Leveraging biomarkers and diagnostics in personalized medicine is becoming increasingly important in the fight against cancer. Bristol Myers Squibb is pioneering research to better understand cancer biology and its intersection with the immune system. 

Exploring immune biomarkers
Learn more about the potential role of immune biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology.

We are investigating a number of different biomarkers that may help match the right patients with the right treatments at the right time. Select the biomarker name for more information.  

Tumor antigens

Biomarkers indicative of tumor mutations and neoantigens:
TMB | MSI-H/dMMR | Neoantigens

Inflamed tumor

Biomarkers indicative of an inflamed tumor:
PD-L1 | PD-L2 | Inflammation Gene Signatures

Immune suppression

Biomarkers indicative of tumor immune-system evasion:
LAG-3 | IDO | Tregs | MDSCs

Host environment

Biomarkers indicative of host environment:
Microbiome | Germline Mutations