Partnering plays a strategic role in executing our R&D strategy, evolving our portfolio and growth. Our goal in partnering is to discover, develop and deliver transformational medicines to patients by bringing innovative science, research and technology together with our capabilities and expertise.
Paul Biondi

Paul Biondi, Senior Vice President & Head of Business Development

"From our deep scientific experience, engaged senior leaders and transparent approach, we bring the best of Bristol-Myers Squibb to every opportunity and partnership."

Why Competition in Deal Making is Good For Patients 

By Paul Biondi, Senior Vice President & Head of Business Development
Partnering to Speed

Partnering to Speed

Combining passion, science and experience to deliver innovation together.

Why Partner With Us

With a long history of successful scientific and commercial collaborations that exhibit speed, collaboration, innovation, and strong partner relationships, research and development (R&D) is at the center of our strategy. With 35 compounds in development, a network of research facilities around the globe, and an annual R&D budget of $4.9 billion, we’ve been recognized as one of the premier R&D organizations in the industry.

What We're Focused On

We are focused on building a differentiated portfolio of transformational medicines for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. There are a number of areas of focus across disease areas, drug platforms and technologies that we are interested in bringing together with our expertise to help speed medicines to patients.

Existing Partnerships

In order to develop innovative medicines, we collaborate with top tier organizations and research institutes around the world.

Common Cold

Working to #HackCancer

Bristol-Myers Squibb Joins Parker Institute and Cancer Research Institute to Accelerate I-O Research
Common Cold

Could the Common Cold Help Fight Cancer?

There's no cure yet for the common cold, which has eluded scientists for generations with its ability to adapt and persist. But what if...

Contact us about partnering

Start the partnership process. Please send NON-CONFIDENTIAL information about your opportunity to one of the individuals below based on your area of interest:

Oncology: Fang Zhang
Cardiovascular, Fibrosis and Immunoscience: Myra Beaudoin Bertrand
Discovery Technology: Michael Cucolo
PDx and Biomarker: Matt Bunn