Global Diversity and Inclusion Report 2022- Bristol Myers Squibb

A Letter from Pamela Fisher, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer


“Who are you working for?” This question has served as a unifying call to action for us at BMS, a reminder as we continuously strive to inclusively discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines to transform patients’ lives through our science. This question connects colleagues to our vision and aligns to one of the company’s core Values: Inclusion. We embrace diversity and foster an environment where we can all work together at our full potential to fuel innovation and growth and address the unmet needs of our patients and communities globally.

Since joining the company last year, I have been humbled by the authenticity, kindness and dedication of our colleagues from around the world and their passion to collaborate and engage in opportunities to build upon our strong Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) foundation. We have aligned around a comprehensive, cohesive enterprise-wide Global Inclusion & Diversity (GI&D) strategy that leads with our Value of Inclusion and strengthens the human connection we bring to our work every day to spark scientific breakthroughs for our patients and communities, for colleagues and for business and industry.

Our strategy is built upon the belief that inclusion and diversity drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all. It unleashes the power that humanity brings to our science. This report brings our refreshed strategy to life through patient stories, the collective efforts of colleagues around the world and through sustainable long-term investments to address health disparities in underserved communities. It also helps keep us humble, accountable and on the right path to ensure continued growth.

We are proud of the progress we have made on our 2025 Inclusion & Diversity and Health Equity Commitments. We invite you to view our accomplishments in employee diversity, health equity, supplier diversity, clinical trial diversity and employee giving on the following page and throughout our 2021 Global Inclusion & Diversity Report. These findings set the new standard for BMS and dictate how we operate as a company and how we can improve to ensure we’re holding ourselves to the highest of standards in the evolving healthcare landscape.

We are thrilled to share our Inclusion, Diversity, & Health Equity journey with you, and look forward to engaging all of our stakeholders to continue advancing our strong I&D foundation and business priorities. Together, we can drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all. 

Best wishes,

Pamela Fisher written signature  

Pamela Fisher
Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer