Greg Meyers - Bristol Myers Squibb


Greg Meyers

Executive Vice President, Chief Digital & Technology Officer

Greg Meyers leads the Information Technology organization, positioning the company for success in the rapidly evolving digital age. His priority is to accelerate the company’s strategy through digital technology and data enablement, adopting new approaches to digital health, and fostering long-term partnerships with external technology companies and digital innovators. He is also responsible for ensuring we have both secure and reliable IT infrastructure and the platforms necessary to drive our ambitious innovation agenda.

“Digital innovation, computer and data science are the disciplines that will create breakthroughs in our understanding of biology and transform the way the life sciences industry operates at a fundamental level,” Greg said. “The state of artificial intelligence and machine learning in life sciences is similar to where we were with personal computers in the 1980s - we are just getting started and there is so much ahead to discover! Technology and digital capabilities will also catalyze our ways of working - from how we develop medicines, to how we improve patient experience to how we run our core business operations. We are excited and ready to harness all of the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Greg is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience as an agent of change and during his career, he has held profit & loss roles, led digital transformations, managed complex cybersecurity threats in diverse geopolitical environments, and is recognized as a thought leader and futurist in several industries.

Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Rutgers University with a minor in computer science, and a master’s degree in business administration from Temple University.

Updated: January 2022