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Now in its eighth year, Global Patient Week is an essential part of our culture — it unifies us and reignites our passion to do more for our patients. As the first biopharma to set aside time solely focused on the individuals we are working for each and every day, Global Patient Week is a pinnacle of our year-round vision to transform patients’ lives through science.

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Meet Lorena >

Lorena lives with lung cancer and was told she only had six months to live. Determined to fight, Lorena tries to live a life filled with joy and gratitude for everything around her. Hear about her journey and her fight for healing.

Meet Tabitha
Meet Tabitha >

Tabitha suffered a pulmonary embolism and feared for her life. Shockingly, her mother shares a similar story. Hear more about her journey and how she’s determined to live life to the fullest.

Meet Evris
Meet Evris >

Evris has led a lifelong battle with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and has always struggled to accept his conditions. Together with his husband, also a patient, Evris lives life as his authentic self and works to help other patients like him.

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Meet Mary Jean >

Mary Jean lives with a type of hereditary heart condition known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), that often keeps her from doing the things she loves.

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Meet Severyne >

Severyne lives with a chronic cancer. While she knows her cancer may return, she chooses hope over fear. Hear what keeps her hopeful as she navigates life with this disease.


Lifting up the patient voice>


Through our robust global patient advocacy programs, we listen to experts, advocates and, most importantly, our patients to weave their experiences into everything we do.

A patient sitting with a loved one

Mary Jean, Pennsylvania, United States

Leader perspectives


Continuing our culture of putting patients first >


During Global Patient Week, our CEO shares his thoughts on how the culture of putting patients first is an integral part of everything we do.


Searching the globe for the next big deal for patients >


Elizabeth Mily, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development shares her key questions and considerations when searching for the next innovation that can help bring a brighter future to patients around the world.


Using the power of technology to better serve our patients >


Greg Meyers, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, is passionate about the power of digital technologies to help make patients’ lives better.


Keep the wheels turning >


For this year’s Global Patient Week, our Executive Vice President, Global Product Development & Supply, shares her thoughts on how the manufacturing work her team does impacts lives around the world.


Faster, higher, stronger >


Rupert Vessey, Executive Vice President and President of Research and Early Development leads our pipeline initiatives that are crucial to the discovery, development, and deployment of medicines that help transform patients' lives.


From patient to physician: Trading places >


Patient. Physician. Passionate advocate for positive patient care. Estelle Vester-Blokland's experience as all three converge every day in her role as our senior vice president of Global Medical Affairs.


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