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Lorena, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lorena lives with lung cancer and was told she only had six months to live. Determined to fight, Lorena tries to live a life filled with joy and gratitude for everything around her. Hear about her journey and her fight for healing.

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My challenge is to live. To be alive. Because I don’t have time to die. I have lung cancer. Lung cancer is not easy. They told me at the time, look, you have six months left to live. And then I said, Wow. No. No, I will not allow it. It seems to me that you have to become friends with the word cancer to save yourself. Eugenia has been my best companion and my best friend.



Lorena and I met when we were 12 or 13 years old in middle school.  And now we are here on this path moving forward with life, with whatever comes, with whatever she needs. Battling it out.



The truth is you have to be very grateful when someone accompanies you in this process. I am very stubborn and I don’t want anyone to accompany me. I want to heal, it’s the only thing I think about. I want to heal. I want to say, “Goodbye cancer.” I believe. I’m going to be strong. Eugenia introduced me to the world of horses. I went with her, she said come with me to the countryside. I want you to meet my horse, I want you to touch it, I want you to hug it, to see what you feel. And honestly, it was beautiful.



This sickness made me love everything as a whole. I love nature, I love the sky, I love the ocean. I love animals. Right?  But I’ve never, ever felt something so big with an animal. Today with the horses was something incredible. Beauty like I have never experienced. When the three of us hugged, Cambiasso, Eugenia, and I, we joined three souls in the same moment, with the same feelings. It’s not possible to explain with words what it feels like, it’s profound, very profound.



There is an electricity, there is a connection, there is something very strong that occurs, and this moment is healing, I’m sure.



I think it’s very possible to heal.



The role that meditation plays is super important, it relaxes the senses, it relaxes the present moment, and when you finish meditating, you can really see what is happening to you. It is a very important focus for my life. They are moments when I connect, from my way of seeing things and my way of thinking. I connect to the divinity, the universe. It is impossible to only do alternative [treatments]. We need science. Allopathy and natural therapies are the perfect balance for me. We’ll see what happens. I have faith. I have a lot of faith, and a lot of desire to live. The topic here is to live. It’s the most important thing there is. Put that into your mind: Live.
My challenge is to live. To be alive. Because I don’t have time to die.

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