Hepatitis B Foundation

The Hepatitis B Foundation is developing a program to promote chronic hepatitis B virus self-management for patients in Haimen City, China. This program will also educate patients on how to become knowledgeable partners with their health care providers.


The Hepatitis B Foundation organized Haimen City’s first public awareness campaign (2010-13) to educate residents, patients, families, community leaders and healthcare providers about hepatitis B virus (HBV). Although public awareness and education are important first steps toward reducing the morbidity and mortality of chronic HBV infection, the next step to reducing the disease burden is to empower infected individuals to take charge of their own health and to become active partners with their healthcare providers.


The Hepatitis B Foundation will receive $313,609 over three years to develop a program to promote chronic HBV virus self-management for 1,500 patients in Haimen City, China, and to educate patients on how to become knowledgeable partners with their healthcare providers.

The Hepatitis B Foundation identified 1,500 patients infected with chronic HBV through a screening of 12,000 people in 52 villages in Haimen City, China, between 2010 and 2012. Following baseline surveys and evaluations of the patients and village doctors, educational materials and patient-empowerment tools will be given to doctors to use with their patients during individual and group sessions.

Patients will be trained in the MAGIC self-management model, which will:

  • ​Motivate
  • Assess barriers to care
  • Prompt patients to set goals
  • Develop plans for achieving those goals
  • Determine whether health-related goals are met

A centralized tracking system will record patient-doctor meetings and test results. Results will be analyzed, summarized and publicized.


  • ​Haimen City Municipal Government
  • Haimen City Health Bureau
  • Haimen City CDC