MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child

MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child is improving care for patients infected with chronic HBV and HCV in rural and urban areas in India by increasing prevention and early disease management efforts.


Because viral hepatitis often goes undetected until the later stages, infected individuals continue to unknowingly infect others. As the disease progresses, society is faced with loss of a productive workforce and a costly burden on the healthcare system.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends extensive preventive measures, such as screening and vaccinating high-risk groups, to prevent mother-to-child transmission and promoting safe blood supply, safe injections and safe sex. A strategic approach to reaching high-risk groups from multiple levels is essential.


MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child will receive $500,660 over three years to improve care for these patients infected with chronic HBV and HCV. The project will contribute to reducing the socio-economic impact of the diseases at the individual, community and population levels.

MAMTA’s project will be undertaken in rural and urban areas of districts in two northeast states, Manipur’s Imphal District and Nagaland’s Dimpaur District, both of which have:

  • ​A high prevalence of HBV and HCV
  • A large number of intravenous drug users
  • Low-performing vaccination programs

Facility-based and community-based interventions will be used to:

  • ​Conduct risk assessments
  • Strengthen intervention activities
  • Educate healthcare workers on blood safety strategies
  • Mobilize specific high-risk community groups and track their navigation to comprehensive healtcare services
  • Advocate with support agencies to provide treatment for uninsured and underinsured patients

Self-help peer groups will be formed to promote ways to reduce risk of transmission and early management care and support within the HBV/HCV community.


  • ​Lady Harding Medical College
  • New Delhi
  • State and district governments
  • Networks of Positive People of Imphal and Dimpaur