Peking University Education Foundation

The Peking University Education Foundation will create a virtual, web-based community for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients in China and provide them with the tools to better self-manage their disease.


In a survey conducted by Peking University Hepatology Institute among 1,363, non-specialist healthcare providers from various regions, hospitals and departments it was found that:

  • The majority (62%) did not regard anti-hepatitis C antibody detection as a routine hospital procedure
  • 44% said they would not advise patients who tested positive for the antibody to consult a specialist
  • Nearly three-quarters (71%) thought HCV was incurable or had a low cure rate
  • Nearly 50% thought there were no effective treatments for the disease, despite the availability of three treatment regimens

Inadequate knowledge about HCV, in both patients and non-specialists, is impacting patient treatment and adherence to regimens.


Peking University Education Foundation and Peking University Hepatology Institute will receive $308,000 over three years to work together to develop an informative web-based platform. This platform will help HCV patients enhance their self-management skills and to build capacity for HCV diagnosis and treatment among healthcare professionals.

This virtual Internet community will also:

  • ​Be used for education and communication between physicians and patients and colleagues who practice in rural areas
  • Allow patient-to-patient and patient-to-doctor communication through self-tracking by using electronic health records, online social media and patients’ personal health records
  • Minimize barriers to treatment and follow-up and inform policy by interpreting real-time data on patients' needs

With more than 800 million Chinese currently using the Internet, web-based communication technologies can deliver and disseminate knowledge to broad audiences, making them efficient and cost-effective.


  • Peking University Hepatology Institute
  • Chinese Society of Hepatology
  • Young Committee of Chinese Society of Hepatology