United Way of Mumbai

The United Way of Mumbai will implement focused medical interventions and conduct extensive community education in order to reduce the risk of viral hepatitis as well as other prevalent infectious diseases.


In India, the leading cause of death is infection, and the range and burden of infectious diseases are enormous. Populations at high risk of acquiring and transmitting infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and tuberculosis include healthcare workers, women of child-bearing age and children. Lack of access to healthcare services, lack of education and lack of awareness about healthy living practices all contribute to the poor health of a large portion of the population.


The United Way of Mumbai will receive $695,533 over three years to implement a program to defeat the spread of viral hepatitis.

United Way of Mumbai and AmeriCares will offer access and continuation of primary medical care, coupled with health education, early detection and protection against hepatitis B virus (HBV) and other infectious diseases, to several underprivileged populations. These populations stretch across 18 poor neighborhoods across six communities near Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital. The hospital has been providing services to the underprivileged in its local community for 65 years and will collaborate with AmeriCares on this project to implement a healthcare worker safety policy.

The Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation’s Mobile Medical Clinic, which is supported in part by donations from the company’s employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, will provide primary healthcare during the project. This multi-stakeholder partnership will:

  • ​Help ensure access to preventive education and access to basic health services
  • Provide comprehensive training for healthcare workers, patients and their families
  • Provide testing for HBV and tuberculosis, and vaccinations

About one million people will be served by the program.


  • ​AmeriCares India Foundation
  • Hope Initiation Center of Excellence