World Hepatitis Alliance

The World Hepatitis Alliance will create an e-learning tool that will help physicians establish and maintain existing hepatitis patient support groups. These groups, primarily in China and India, will have the ability to reach the global community.


In its 2013-14 survey published on World Hepatitis Day 2014, the World Hepatitis Alliance found that hepatitis patient groups worldwide are few in number. They also found these groups lacking in strength to provide the advocacy needed to persuade governments to make viral hepatitis a priority and enact policies to reduce the huge disease burden. This is especially true in China and India.

Although some viral hepatitis patient groups have been formed sporadically by motivated individual patients, the lack of clear objectives, proper business planning and few resources mean the groups often do not develop to their full potential or they fail to survive.


The World Hepatitis Alliance received $95,000 to create a tool to strengthen viral hepatitis patient support groups. A new model of patient group creation will be aimed at physicians, since they have direct access to a pool of patients. This model will:

  • ​Outline the advantages of having active patient groups (supporting the physicians and lessening their workload as well as strengthening advocacy efforts)
  • Show physicians how to engage patients
  • Create patient groups
  • Create support and strengthen them once these groups are established

An online video course and tool kit housed on the World Hepatitis Alliance website will map the steps to creating and sustaining a patient group. The World Hepatitis Alliance and other sources will be available for support.


  • European Association for the Study of the Liver
  • Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver