Wu Jieping Medical Foundation

The Wu Jieping Medical Foundation will study factors that influences HCV treatment and investigate management and education of the disease among at-risk populations in China.


In China, between 13 million and 30 million people are infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV), placing a heavy burden on patients, their families and society. Recently, several new HCV drugs reached the market and have generated great interest among the health authorities, patients and medical professionals.

High-risk groups in China – including those in rural areas, co-infected with HIV, liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, kidney damage, children and adolescents – can be hard to reach and require unique approaches to getting them to access necessary and appropriate care . Regardless of their status or where they live, the priority is for HCV patients to receive standard care and management according to guidelines.


Wu Jieping Medical Foundation will receive $545,904 over three years to study the present situation of HCV care and the factors that influence access to HCV care to inform policy decisions about disease education and management.

The study will elevate the importance of standards for HCV diagnosis and care among patients and the general population. Education and management of specific HCV patient populations identified in World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines will be undertaken in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Provinces.

Comprehensive reports will be issued about the current care status for HCV among the general population and specific groups and will suggest actions that inform policy.


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  • World Health Organization China (WHO)
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