Grassroots Poverty Alleviation Program (GAPP) & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Grassroots Poverty Alleviation Program (GAPP)

Grassroots Poverty Alleviation Program (GAPP) is a non-governmental organization developing programs to ease the suffering of vulnerable individuals in the fisher communities of Western Kenya.


Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem in Kenya and primarily affects adults ages 25-34, a population who also has a high rate of HIV. In the selected district in Nyanza, the rate of HIV infection is more than double the national average.


GAPP will research the area to find the prevalence of TB and the factors that fuel HIV and TB infection. Community networks and partnerships will then be formed to more effectively deliver services. HIV and TB patients will be encouraged to form social support groups and the community system for HIV and TB interventions will be strengthened.

Quality healthcare services will be made available to the fishing community in Nyanza before introducing the model to similar populations elsewhere in Kenya. GAPP’s management, staff, and partners will monitor and assess the project’s implementation and progress.


  • World Health Organization’s ENGAGE-TB collaboration
  • Kenya National TB Program